Tips for effective prevention of erectile dysfunction

The most horrible thing for any man is erectile dysfunction. Even a though about problems in sexual life make men feel sick and nervous, so you could imagine what they feel like when it suddenly happens. Luckily, medicine now is developed enough to treat such diseases or at least to reduce their influence to minimum. Moreover, there are preparations like Viagra and other that guarantee strong erection during a certain period of time. Anyway, it always makes sense to prevent erectile dysfunction than to fight with it later. Let’s check what can be done for that.

Healthy diet

It is absolutely obvious for us all that healthy diet is crucial for everybody in this world. So why do we keep eating fast food, drink soda and mix different types of food which actually should not go together? Lack of time or inability to cook anything worthy cannot be a justification for such negligence to oneself.

A well-balanced diet means that a person consumes normal amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in natural proportions. There is plenty of information on the Internet on how one should eat, when, what etc. We would even recommend you visit a nutritionist who will prepare an individual diet for you. The first shot across the bow is fatigability. If you feel tired and have problems with concentration after at least seven hours of sleep you’d better visit a specialist.

Regular and healthy sleep

There are two main things about healthy sleep. It is enough to follow them more or less regularly to wake up as fresh as paint. Firstly, you should sleep not less than 7 hours. Some people need more – up to 9 hours – and it is normal. Such demand in longer nocturnal sleep is caused by individual peculiarities of an organism.

Secondly, doctors often say that it is better to go to bed at the same time every day. Following such a schedule will help you easily survive days when you have to wake early and get deprived of the normal 7-8 hours of sleep.

Physical activity

Of course, sex is the best activity for improving sexual health and this is not a joke. All kind of cardio exercises are very useful and healthy from the point of erectile dysfunction prevention. Jogging, swimming, skiing and even daily walking for at least half an hour stimulate more intensive blood circulation in the penis area. Really, a 30-minute walk after work or shopping is a great kind of physical activity especially if you keep the same pace during the entire process.

Muscle-building exercises are almost useless here. They are very good for turning stronger and for becoming more powerful and handsome, but if you want to prevent erectile dysfunction it is better to start with endurance exercises.

Bad habits

Bad habits are actually not “habits” but addiction that does not let us feel free. Both alcohol and tobacco are extremely bad for man’s sexual health despite they act differently. Smoking is probably even worse because it quickly influences blood vessels and as a result breaks normal blood circulation. Of course, Viagra helps even in such a case, but it is better to use this amazing preparation for extending the night of live but not for temporary returning to real sexual life.

Marijuana also negatively influences man’s health by reducing the level of testosterone. It also makes spermatozoids less mobile and more passive. Regular smoking marijuana is not better than smoking cigarettes. It is probably even worse.

Mental condition

Finally we would like to mention the important of psychological condition of a man. Young guys often face problems with erection that have psychological nature – these people are absolutely healthy, the reason of such an “erectile dysfunction” rests deep in their heads.

The biggest fear of any man is to disappoint his partner. It is extremely relevant when everything comes to the first sex. You should remember that the solution is simple – do not focus on yourself and on your internal emotions and experience. The focus should not be inside of you, it should be outside. Enjoy your partner instead of thinking on what you are supposed to do now.

Avoid stress, do not to worry about small things and try to think about good things! It will help you maintain good mental condition and feel confident with women.