Habits and products that may cause erectile dysfunction

It is always difficult to change one’s habits and lifestyle. The best motivation for that is to realize what consequences they can lead to. We are not going to intimidate anyone. This is just food for thought that may be interesting for some people.


Cigarettes and cigars are sold everywhere. Even teenagers can buy and try them despite it is prohibited to sell such products to minors. Each of us used to be 15-years-old and we all know there are plenty of ways to bypass all prohibitions and get what you want.

Smoking quickly destroys the main thing in our organism – blood circulation. Normal blood circulation delivers all necessary elements including oxygen to cells and tissues, makes us feeling fresh and allows us to think clearly.

Nicotine and other harmful elements that every cigarette includes constrict vessels rising blood pressure. Capillary vessels are the most vulnerable here since they can be totally “stuck” together and get dead. In its turn it results in poor oxygen supply to vital organs and tissues – heart and genitals suffer mostly. And Viagra will help you only for a short time, it won’t cure you.

If you want to maintain good sexual health you should immediately quit smoking or never start it. Dozens of successful methods for doing it can be found online or bought in any book store.


It is quite sad, but many of us remember that their first sex – even a mutually desired one – was under the influence of alcohol. Well, in certain extent alcohol can help relax and act more naturally. More than that, certain neurotransmitters in a man’s body work better under a low dose of alcohol providing a strong and long-lasting erection. The side effect is poorer sensitivity that may result to inability to reach orgasm. Such intimacy will then feel like something tiresome and even annoying – at least, for a man.

Regular use of alcohol (even together with Viagra which is not good at all) does not provide even the erection itself. As an organism gets used to alcohol there is no such strong effect. Furthermore, the oftener you drink the worse will be the influence on your health – lower libido, weaker erection and so on.

People who drink occasionally, from time to time should stay alert. Regular drinking usually comes into one’s life naturally starting from a bottle of beer in the evening with a friend or in front of TV set/computer. Even a month spend like that will later make it very difficult to quit such an addiction. The best way out is either to not drink at all or to drink very small amounts of high-quality alcohol at significant events or holidays.

One famous man who managed to quit drinking once said: “it is senseless to drink a little bit – the taste of any alcohol is disgusting no matter what we think. It makes sense only to drink yourself to dead, but you don’t want it, do you?” Read once again and think carefully.

The most harmful food for sexual vigor

  • 1. Sweet soda contains really a whole lot of sugar and other unhealthy elements. Some producers even use E951 and sodium benzoate that may cause DNA mutation. Want diabetes or bad genetic heredity? Than buy a Cola.

  • 2. Fast-food is known for low quality fats that make blood stickier and create clots in vessels. Let’s remember the importance of good blood circulation again. Altogether with smoking fast-food and chips can quickly lead to incredibly unpleasant consequences.

  • 3. Mayonnaise and cheap ketchup contain large amount of trans fats as well as cholesterol. They are not just harmful and unhealthy but dangerous to one’s organism. These two products bring absolutely no use and health but merely destroy vessels with cholesterol plaques and negative changes of blood composition. As you understand both two problems can become the reason of erectile dysfunction.

  • 4. Margarine is the most loyal partner of any confectionary product. They are not made with butter since butter is too costly and any business owner knows that cheaper manufacture allows to set lower price and be more competitive. Margarine acts in a similar way to mayonnaise and fast food. Blood vessels are under attack once again altogether with the health of men’s reproduction system.

    Take care of your health today and enjoy great tomorrow!