Top-5 products that may help prevent erectile dysfunction

How could a man improve his health and get more energy? It seems obvious – he needs to do exercises on regular basis and to avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. But we would like to tell you more on the topic to make your life even better. Check out our top-5 products for making your sexual life really tremendous!


Scientists have discovered that the most useful oysters for our health are those caught in spring because they contain a lot of organic zinc and amino acids which it their turn increase the testosterone level. It means that you will have better libido and much more energy to have long nights of love. And if you add Viagra you will get the best combination.

But be careful! People suffering from liver diseases and diabetes should not eat too much oysters. Actually, no one should due to mercury they contain.

Specialists suggest eating raw oysters because heat treatment brings all the use of this amazing product to naught.


Undoubtedly turnip is a fantastic way to improve your sexual power and to achieve new level. How often do you eat turnip? The answer is predictable – probably you never do it. Unfortunately, nowadays it is not that easy to find good and natural turnip in a supermarket or grocery. We would recommend you a village or a farmers market for making such a purchase.

Turnip can be consumed both raw and boiled, depending on what you prefer. Some say that is very tasty to eat boiled turnip with honey but we are not really sure about that. Anyway, you may try and check it yourself!


It can be a surprise for you but actually a watermelon contains nearly the same microelements as Viagra does! Furthermore, they even have the same operational principle.

As you may probably know erectile dysfunction as well as impotency is caused by problems with blood circulation in the genitals area. It means that penis merely does not get enough blood to erect properly or gets too small amount which leads to short and weak erection. Watermelon is an awesome product for improving blood circulation and vessels condition. Finally, it is also very tasty, isn’t it?

It makes sense to buy ripe watermelons which have juicy red color. But remember that only regular consumption can guarantee some result. And it is definitely a very bad idea to eat too much of watermelon before an important date which is supposed to be continued in your or her bedroom. Just take a look at the name of this product – “watermelon”, meaning that there is lots of water inside! If you eat too much you will have to go to the toilet during the whole evening. Your partner will hardly appreciate it!


We have already mentioned turnip with honey and told that it may sound and taste weird. But nuts are perfect for consuming them altogether with honey. Really, just try if you have never done that!

A great thing is that actually all nuts are very healthy and useful except peanut. Almond, cashew, hazelnut, walnut and all types of nuts are recommended not only for erectile dysfunction prevention but just for providing your organism with necessary microelements and vitamins. Arginine is the most important component of nuts. It stimulates production of nitrogen oxide which is irreplaceable for strong erection and feelings during intimacy.

By the way, cedar nut contains the largest amount of arginine. Try to find those nuts and your sexual life will become better!

Quail eggs

Quail eggs have the quickest effect. After eating a couple of raw quail eggs you will feel stronger sexual desire within several hours. Luckily, they increase not the desire only – don’t worry, you will have enough energy and sensitivity to make sex unforgettable for both you and your partner.

Feel free to eat raw quail eggs, there are no harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Quail eggs have a lot phosphorus and ferric iron inside and it guarantees you flood of force and energy in the most important moment.

Regular consumption of at least two or three products from the list presented above will let you forget about any problems with erection.