Erectile dysfunction

Some people do not agree that erectile dysfunction today happens much more often with young people than it used to do. The sceptics claim that earlier men were simply ashamed and afraid of visiting a doctor with such an intimate thing.

They are partly right, but the general trend tells us that actually the global situation has become much worse. The greatest specialists from the field of medicine confirm it and enlist several important reasons of erectile dysfunction.

Life under pressure

It may seem totally weird but the majority of people who complain on erection problems are young (in the age between 20 and 40 years old) and generally healthy meaning that they do not smoke, do not (or almost do not) drink and do some regular sports. Inveterate party guests who ruin their health every day rarely have any troubles in bed. Why? Because they are free of social pressure and don’t care too much.

People who want to be healthy and successful are oppressed by haunting commercials and intrusive stereotypes that a cool man is cool in everything he does. Such guys have to carry that burden of responsibility they actually took themselves when agreed on the game rules imposed by somebody else.

What is the recommendation for such men? To give up on everyone and everything telling them what their life should be like. It is a very simple formula – less excessive responsibility means betters mood and better sexual health. Go for vacations somewhere, change careers, find a new exciting hobby and forget for some time about sexual life. You will soon realize that it has gone back to normal. During first sexual acts you may take some Viagra pills just for feeling more confident.

Some pieces of advice for older generations

What does a doctor do when a 55-years old man comes and tells he has got erectile dysfunction? The doctor checks if this man still wants sex, i.e. if there are any libido problems. Libido is the main driving motive of happy and full-fledged sexual life. If there is no libido a patient has to come through some medical procedures meant to restore it. But if the patient claims he has a normal and regular sexual desire the treatment is much easier.

Mainly it concerns quitting smoking, reducing alcohol to minimum and regular physical exercises. As for the exercises one should remember that building muscles has nothing to do with it. Restoring a normal blood circulation in pelvis is possible only if you are doing cardio exercises like running, walking, swimming and so on. It means that one should perform a physical exercise with constant speed and rhythm and on the regular basis.

Undoubtedly, food also is very significant in such issues. The best products for healthy vessels and blood circulation are oranges, avocados, water melons and so on and so forth. Your doctor will gladly tell you more about it and provide you with the entire list of what should be included in your daily ratio and what should be crosses out once and forever.

It is very important to not underestimate the role of a mindset of a particular person. The scientists proved long ago that pessimists have incomparably more health problems than optimists. Try to see the glass half full and to avoid nervous situations and thoughts. Despite such a recommendation sounds too simply believe us – it is extremely efficient.


We would also like to unveil some stupid myths about the most trustworthy and effective preparation for erectile dysfunction – Viagra – that is often recommended by specialists:

  • 1. No, people do not become addicted to it. The active material – sildenafil – does not cause any addiction. Ask any doctor and he or she will confirm it.

  • 2. There are no serious side effects and no bad consequences of such preparations.

  • 3. Sildenafil has a very simple working principle. It merely stimulates more intensive blood circulation in the penis area providing then a good and stable erection. It is impossible to hurt yourself with sildenafil-based preparations unless you took too large dose. In order to avoid overdose please check the right dosage on the box of the medication.

  • 4. Unfortunately, such preparations cannot cure erectile dysfunction. Their action is limited in time.